Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter shall not escape my pen.

A Snowy Scene
Snow flurries fall
From a gray slate sky that hides the sun
(Shining somewhere in the universe),
Making white-capped rooftops
Look like marshmallows melting in a mug
With children in snowsuits and hats inside.

A set of footprints
Through fluffy, downy drifts of snow
Marks someone's lone passage across the yard,
While kids free from school
Frolic far across the pond at the park
And rejoice in being together.

Sledders up the street
Race fast down the chuted hill,
While snowballs fly, fired like powdery bullets aimed in play.
A pure, pristine blanket
Has been lain across the neighborhood,
And angels fall from the sky to stamp the sheets.

Snowmen appear alongside the sidewalks --
How long before they melt?


Becca said...

Love it! Goes perfectly with the picture. Did you take it?

Kristine said...

Love the picture! Did Blake take that in your neighborhood?

Bryce said...

Nah, I wish I took it, Sis Riding! ;) It was Blake. He's the photgraphy genius in our family. Isn't it great?! I saw it and KNEW it had to go with the poem.

Rebecca said...

Just lovely, Bryce.

Embers said...

Love it! :)