Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boating (how I long for it)

I think this was spurred by the fact that Mother Nature has been teasing us so cruelly lately! I'm ready for warm weather, for summertime -- and yet, it's oh so far away. Here's how I escape:
One warm tranquil evening in the latter part of summer last, I was out on the lake with my familly, aboard our much loved ski boat, Daisy. Each of us were taking turns being pulled through the water, which was smooth as glass but for our towering wake which formed a peaked "V" behind the yellow and white craft.
There are six of us -- four kids and the parents -- and there is always ample seat space, especially when one of us is being towed. We sit and lounge, engine humming beneath us and wind flowing freely through our hair, as we watch each family member take their turn either skiing or wakeboarding. Cries of encouragement are shouted through the spray, and cheers of victory and congratulation echo across the water when a trick is landed or a good run completed. The skier will then climb in, first onto the stained teakboard then up onto the padded back seat, smiling and half-exhausted, laughing out of joy or exclaiming in excitement at the thrill of some certain feat. All of it shared with the family members, all of it mutual joy and enthusiasm. This fades only briefly before the next rider straps up and jumps into the water.
Such is the manner of such outings, and such was the feeling of this particular evening. We'd all had great runs, and were conversing contentedly with each other as the day wrapped itself up, the sun setting gold behind us. We idled in a cove, waiting for nothing; only savoring the stillness, the peace, the emanating joy.
That was the last time we'd go out that summer. But we need not worry, for the one to come was sure to hold many such memories -- and more.


Becca said...

You are *blessed* to have such great memories, on stormy nights like tonight. I loved it. :)

Kristine said...