Thursday, January 1, 2009

another Go.

Happy 2009! Another year has past and the one to come is sure to hold many blessings for each of us.

Tonight I pull something from an old journal of mine, one I was keeping this time last year. The following is an entry for New Years of 2008, and I echo the words this year.


Time truly is an amazing thing. On one hand it seems to stand still and on the other it clearly leaves the impression of flying by. I've stood as witness to this remarkable phenomenon over the past year. It's been an incredible roller coaster with all its ups and downs, twists, turns, and loops. There have been good times and bad times, solemn times as well as times of great joy and laughter. This is the way life goes. It is the enduring disposition in which life's great story plays out. And we, the characters, must trust in the Author to lead us through our lives, that we may cherish each memory, each good time -- every laugh, every smile, every tear shed in happiness.

Here I sit with my family at the end of another year. The wheels of our cart squeal to a halt on life's tracks, the fading adrenaline marking the end of another ride. And now, with light hearts and eyes set toward the future, we pull the bar back down -- ready for another go around.


Happy New Year, and many more to come.


Kristine said...

Thats great, Bryce!
Im ready for the ride! Whoo! :)

Embers said...

May we all have a better year ahead of us.

My last year while not so bad, almost felt non-existent to me... it's strange... I remember 07 better then 08. It's like 08 never existed for me... or me for it.

It felt like... I wasn't part of anyone elses life last year, not even my own really.

Ha, let 2008 forever be known as the year I wasn't there for :P

I hope to play a bigger and better part in my own life, and most importantly in the lives of others this year.