Sunday, August 10, 2008

it's a Happy Ever After after all...

Life is filled with storybook moments - instances that, perhaps, might seem so perfect they rather belong in the age-worn pages of a leather-bound classic, tucked beneath a child's mattress and only mentioned in hushed, revered conversation. But that's what makes these moments so special - the seeming fact that they should be tucked snugly in a fanciful tale read only at bed time leaves you with a surreal feeling of gratitude, that God allows such moments, such experiences, for his Children.

For, indeed, God is the great Author of all things, is He not? The Mastermind behind the world's plan, the ultimate Storyteller. As His children, we are naturally a part of that story. It is, however, up to us as to what part of the story we fall into. Our actions dictate our role in the plot, and the quality of our character, our spiritual (and temporal) bearing, may determine whether we fall in line with the protagonists or the antagonists. Let us not be the latter. For, once caught in the snare of the Adversary, it's a long, hard road to return... But it can be traversed, with effort, with struggle; yes, the blood, sweat, and tears. We all can return, and we need not be afraid.

Our story is our testimony, a manifestation of devotion. Our legacy is obeisance, homage to God who created all things. We are all pieces of a bigger story, making our way along the road that is life's journey, experiencing the bitter and the sweet. And it is in those sweet, "storybook" moments that hope is renewed, our conviction reawakened, our spirits rejuvenated. It is in every burst of joy that swells in your heart, every breathless moment, every wave of that warm, fuzzy feeling deep within your soul that you find a calm assurance that all will turn out as it is meant to be. With a little faith and trust in the Lord, we will see an eternal sky. One that whispers of infinite happiness...and an ultimately happy ever after.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


In this life we all have talents, our own unique set of abilities, and as we grow we hone them. We try to better them, better ourselves.

Learn. Improve. Repeat.
This is our cycle.

It is human nature for us to want to do better, to strive for excellence. And so we do. But very few of us succeed in attaining our goals, in making our dreams a reality. We reach for the stars. We scheme to make it big, plot our fame. Even after excessive measures, the stars can still seem so far away, so distant and otherworldly...

But one must not lose hope. For, in essence, the stars are merely an icon. A sign - a symbol, rather - that represents ideals, aspirations, success to everyone in their own little way. Indeed, one mustn't say that "success" is synonymous to fame. To the world, perhaps, yes, fame is the epitome of success.

Money. Reputation. Material things.


In the round of life, people can get confused as to what really matters, what should be held close to our hearts. Mistakes are made, priorities mix up, and we have a planet full of people who are caught in the wiles of the world.

Atypically, a person abstains from all worldy pleasures and takes pleasure in the joy of family. In the hallowed haven of the home. Where love and talents foster.

As I stated, we all have them, these talents. And as we grow (up and together), they develop into passions. As our knowledge and love for our craft grows, it becomes a part of us, our talents a part of us. Skills we harness, arts we channel into constructive and enlightening venues. Soon they burn like a fire within us, and we thrive off of the natural high we get when we create something great.

Be it literature, music, art, sports, or any other skill or ability - it is an outlet to release our inner selves. To express ourselves. To inspire, and to be inspired. To learn. And to grow.

That is why we must cultivate. Learn. Improve. Repeat. Our passions will fuel our life. So much to learn, so much to do and accomplish - and all this time to do it in! My admonition is to LIVE, and make every day, every hour, minute, second count. It all leads to the ultimate outcome - will we reach the stars?

Always remeber:
Passion is the fuel of life - so light it up and watch it burn.