Saturday, December 6, 2008

tonight, some Poetry.

Leaves fall,
Burnt orange and red,
To mark the passage of time;
Birds call,
Like sirens in my head,
And drive me to this rhyme.

Wind shakes
The branches; they dance
Like children beneath the sky.
Time takes
Their innocence trance;
Their leaves fall off and die.


The Coffee Shop

Warm aromas waft about
And fill my nose.
Hiding crowds from cold without
in winter clothes.

All around me things inspire,
And so I write.
On the hearth a blazing fire
Is burning bright.

Rosy lips are sipping mugs;
cold hands, warm hearts.
Friendly smiles, tender hugs
As music starts.

Foggy windows in their panes,
By candle-light,
Offer views of frosty lanes
And nippy night.

Cozy is this little town;
I'm tucked away.
Dilworth, where I settle down,
Is where I stay.

Here we gather, friend and kin;
From toe to top
We're filled with peace as we are in
The coffee shop.




Becca said...

I enjoyed both your poems, but found the first one (about the leaves) to be quite profound, actually. You mentioned that one was old and one was new--which was which? Which one do you like better?

Embers said...

Oh I love coffee shops, the aroma is very soothing. Dilworth in Matthews in particular holds a lot of memories for me.

Very good poetry.