Thursday, December 4, 2008

the Sandbox.

Do you remember the days when things were simpler? When Hotwheels were the crap and bouncy balls were the best invention since pull-ups? Days when a plastic airplane could entertain you for hours on end, when the sandbox housed your dreams and held no limits.

You could do anything. You could be anything. No one could stop you from going to the moon, or from leaping off your roof in attempt to fly. The world was your playground, and everything a toy especially designed for your enjoyment. It didn't matter that your mother's pantyhouse wasn't intended to be used as a rope in a tug-of-war match. You had fun, and that was all that mattered. Mommy loved you, so she only sent you to time-out for 10 minutes. And then it was back to the toddler drawing board.

What was next? Who knew? The sky was the limit because you didn't care. It was all about the fun, the sheer joy that can be found in the simple, simple things. A smile, a funny face. Sitting in the backyard with the dog as he scratched his ears. Watching mom cook (or better yet, helping her cook - there's a novel idea). Laughter amongst siblings. Funny stories. Shared triumphs.

Life is full of simple moments. I think sometimes we let them pass us by because we're too caught up in whatever else we think is going on. But this is it. These are the things we must live for.

This is my challenge to each of you, regardless of your age, gender, or present circumstance. No one is "too busy"; they just think they are. So be a kid for once. Let's take things back to the sandbox, and enjoy the simple things in life.



Becca said...

Bryce--this was interesting because I look back at where *you* are, and I think the same thing. I think, "Remember when..." At the same time, I think you are in your genuinely busiest phase of life. Tell me, my poet-philosopher friend, is busyness something you dread or something you thrive on? Would you prefer a quiet cabin in the woods of Montana, or a studio apartment in the heart of Manhattan? Why?

Kristine said...

Very nice, Bryce! Memories flooded my head as I read this. *sigh* The good ol' days!

Becca said...

I'd like to see some of your poetry. Do you have any you'd like to share?