Monday, December 8, 2008


My life is a cacophany of chaotic happenings. A constant press for connection, an incessant barrage of communication. And I can't stand it.

But I cannot escape.

I think this is one HUGE problem with our society today. Peoples' insatiable desire to ALWAYS be talking with SOMEONE It's a disease, really. And the ease of modern technology is merely wind to the flame. They've made it so easy for us to always be connected. From Facebook, to Myspace, to Instant Messenger, all the way to the mobile "conveniences" that are Blackberry's and cell phones. There is always noise. I don't mean audible noise. I mean the frenzied distractions that are thrown our way every minute of the day. Texts, instant messages. Things that detract from our inner peace.

This is outer noise.

And sometimes we need to conciously make an effort to reduce that outer noise - cause to cease, if but for a moment, the frantic pulse of our lives. Some of that Zen stuff, you know? It may sound shrink-ish to some of you, but I highly recommend it.




I wish I could take credit for this concept, but I cannot. The advice was initially issued, through inspiration, by a great and wise man named Tom Cheney. And inspired it is. We all need reminders like these to draw us back to the now, to those who are in our lives now - not someone, somewhere across cyberspace, awaiting our immediate response.

I've had it with this false urgency, this bogus bombardment of space, and desperate, constant, clamorous call for attention. In one, huge, bounding stride, I approach this giant that is Communication - it stands on a hill, much looked upon and praised by the average American teen - and I stare it in the face, and say, my voice resonating throughout the valley of the nation:

"I am here, not there. Now...not then. And nothing, no body, is going to pull me away from it."

And so I resolve to live in the now, to give those who I am with my full attention and respect. Right now, I am going to go watch football with my dad. Right now, I am scratching my dog's ears. Right now, I commence this journey. I set out on this road, but not alone.

Are you with me?

Let us begin - right now.



Becca said...

Ahhhhh, yes!! I really enjoyed this entry because I think that you are speaking a truth here. Part of being a teenager...okay, and an the "herd" mentality, which can be good, but can also be fairly destructive. What do you think all this instant gratification in the form of communication is doing to our society as a whole? Do you think it's having an impact on our ability to communicate, in person? What do you think it's doing to families--keeping us more connected, or making it more difficult? I'd be interested to hear more of your thoughts, and what you think teenagers should do. Is there a solution? Do you think cell phones should be banned from certain places or at certain times? Do websites like Facebook actually DO any good?

Kristine said...

I like your comment Becca.

Nicely said, Bryce.